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I have a very rare MUZZY ZX7 1991-1992 exhaust for sale. This exhaust is the same one Scott Russell used to win the 1992 Daytona 200. It is in MINT condition for its age.

It has 4 individual Stainless Steel TAPERED head pipes held on by pipe flanges and 2 springs per pipe, and a TITANIUM collector section, that terminates into a Aluminium canister.

The TI collector is still to this day the best looking piece of exhaust work I have ever seen.

Overall condition is excellent. There are NO, let me repeat that, there are NO dents or dings anywhere on this system, including the cannister which looks new. Cannister was recently repacked.

The only flaw in this system is one of the spring retainers is broken on the TI collector. This could be easily rewelded, but I just doubled up on the retainer next to it and never did it.

This is a beautiful pipe. I am parting out the bike and someone would love to have this pipe.

I can email pix if you are seriously interested. I paid $1400.00 for this pipe in August of 1992.

I will let it go for $300.00. Extremely rare and a collectors piece for ZX7 owners.

Pipe is NOT extremely loud and makes HUGE horsepower #s with its design.

Will only fit the 1991-1992 ZX7 or ZX7R model. Will not fit the 1993-1995 models. It was such a race specific design it will not work on the later model years. I know, I have tried.

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