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Hey guys, im new to the site but i do end up here on many of my tireless google searches so i said hey guess ill join. So ill get started with my q's. I have a zx1000 b3, 1990 model and i want to go boost, i know pleaze be.nice with the flaming. I know alot of the zzr//zx 11 parts are interchangeable but i have a few uncertainties that im.hoping to clear up. will zx11 jugs fit onto the zx10 bottom case? i want to put the 11 topend onto10 bottom. Lasty i want.to know if 11 pistons fit the 10 rods. im almost certain the juggs and head will go onto the bottom (at least i hope). i have quite the build list for this bike but this engine issues are holding me up. any help is veery appreciated. thanks

*Edit* if i should have put this in the 11 forum i apologize, if so plz let me know
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