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This is from the BMW Sport Touring Forums that Gleno was involved with:

azkaisr said:
Well it only took 4 hours to upload 305 pictures to the Smugmug website of the shots I took around the Saturday event for Gleno. I wanted to have them all up so those that want can search to see if I captured their moto in the procession. It was a moving day for me and want to ensure we all can remember not only the service but what it means to be a member of this great extended family.

Fernando Leading the group down Highway 72 in Fremont Utah

Bikes along the road

A solemn mission

For a noble purpose

Roger and Fernando placing the sign

Paying tribute one more time.

What a great group to be associated with

Heck making his way after the service

More riders heading off to do what Gleno loved most about the area.

One of many shots of people coming down the road. 4 cameras total captured the moment.

Goodbye my Friend..

I will be putting together a video and posting it up in the coming days.

The entire stills can be found here Gleno Photos on Smugmug

Thanks All Kaisr
Source: BMW Sport Touring Forums
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