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In 2005, I purchased a wrecked ZX-10R and rebuilt it from the ground up. It was originally magma red before I ended up making it black in color. My intent was to keep it or to make it a track bike, but then Kawi had to come out and release an all new 10R for 2006, thus forcing me to sell my new rebuilt bike in order to fund my purchase of the new 06 model.

Here are the pics from the day I purchased it wrecked to the finished result. This bike was only 3 days old when it was wrecked. There is a long story to it, if anyone ever wants to hear it, I'll type it out. The bike was high-sided at 20mph by a college buddy of mine, still under warranty, and since he did not file an insurance claim, the VIN and title were 100% clear. So now the picture show of wrecked bike to rebuilt bike:

Stage One

Just another wrecked ZX-10R

Stage Two:

Westside Motorsports went through the engine and I paid to have them replace any engine/mechanical/electrical parts that were damaged. The pictures show the engine damage fixed and everything bad, broken, or damaged removed from the motorcycle.

From here on out is just adding parts to the motorcycle to bring her back up to speed.

Stage Three:

In the past weeks, I have been working hard at putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. The first find was a mint condition, brand new fuel tank and since it was black, it dictated what color the rest of the 10R will end up looking like.

The fuel tank is black, a 2004 color for the 10R, and it showed up still in the Kawi box with Kawi seals still over the fuel tank entry on top and on the bottom where the fuel pump resides.

I did a swap of the fuel tank, the lock cap and fuel pump swapped out with ease.

I spent more money than anything, ordered up a ton of stock parts (I spent $350 in just bolts, washers, brackets, things to keep the bike pieces together).

From Cal-Sportbike, came the Woodcraft clipons and I have been putting the handlebar assembly back together again. The ram-air assembly is all finished up and I'm finally getting a wrap on running the electrical, had to replace a few harnesses and the ignition. I always buy the electrical stuff new - dont believe in used electrical (one less worry!).

The upper-cowling fairing bracket went on with the original guages. Today, we took the virginity of the fuel tank and dropped in 3 gallons of 92 octane, and the fuel pump cleared fine and she fired right up! Showing on the odometer was a clean 1008 miles, very nice!!

Seeing her run was that last breath of motivation to keep working through it. It's all downhill from here. We have been actively working on the plastics and prepping them for painting this week.

I have had a few hangups though, mainly just coming across more parts that need to be replaced, so I have submitted a few orders in the last couple days.

I expect to have the 10R near completion within a week, that is my goal and we are on schedule for that.

Now for some pics:

Stage Four:

Aside from ordering the last of the parts needed to bring this motorcycle to complete functionality, the majority of the work these last few weeks have been body.

I have learned a lot throughout this entire process. For me, I am finding that to be very valuable to just understanding and appreciating all the work that goes into a vehicle.

Big thanks to Para-Dice and snake through this process.

All the plastics have been prepped for painting. Tonight, three coats of primer was put on the plastics. Tomorrow, we plan on shooting the paint.

We got some top-notch paint earlier today. The lady even came out to the motorcycle to take a computer-digitized sample of the tank in order to mix the paint to a perfect blend.

Thank goodness for breathing masks when your painting!

Stage Five

Finishing it on up!


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Wow that was a good deal of work! Great job though!! :clap
Woulda been a shame to waste a 3 day old bike.
I'm sure you had fun rebuilding it, I always like the feeling of finishing a 'stage' and when the whole thing is done you feel real good and proud :)

I like your 'painting cabin' :D looks like what I did once in our dining room :eek

BTW, cool site!! :respect

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man i fuck the bike up
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