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Killingtime how do you like the akro pipe, sound wise and all??
in volume level it's about half way between a race can and the stock. The note is different too, you can tell the bike's been changed. people turn to look when you pull away from the lights.
the micron beta is much louder. many people find the akro slip on quiet, but for me it's just right because I live in a residential neighbourhood, and if I had a loud race can all my neighbours would complain when I set off for work early in the morning or return home from a long run late at night.
Cans get a bit louder as they are run in, so it will get louder still.

Forgot to mention. The "slip on" for an 05 is anything but. You have to take the seat to bits, indicator assembly off, servo cables off .... if you're ordered to re-test your bike by the police after a tug then it's much easier to choose a can that accepts an insert (like the akra).

This way you can add the insert for the inspection so it doesn't fail in the db level.
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