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Pedrosa's Manager Blames Hayden for Collision Seen 'Round the World
interesting spin from a former rider

by dean adams
Thursday, October 19, 2006

Former GP rider turned manager and tutor, Alberto Puig, blames Nicky Hayden for the collision that put both Repsol Honda riders on the ground last Sunday and decimated Nick Hayden's championship points lead.

Pedrosa admitted in the official HRC post-race press release that he made a grave error in judgment when he took Hayden down but Puig sees—or is that spins?—it differently.

In a report on a Spanish web site (both Pedrosa and Puig are Spanish, as is team sponsor Repsol) Puig is quoted as saying, "Dani had a mathematical chance, so who would obligate him not to race? He crashed because the other rider [Hayden] braked early, and he had to turn in. If that didn't happen, he wouldn't have crashed."

(Soup wryly notes: as long as we're talking longshots, Loris Capirossi had a mathematical chance at the title too. All it would take is for North Korea to perform their next nuclear test on the Estoril grid.)

Puig, who acts both as Pedrosa's manager and mentor in racing, said, "The first thing Hayden had to do was get in front, which he hasn't done all year. I know it's terrible for Honda and for Nicky, but it could have happened to anyone."

Source: Superbike Planet

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What a load of BS!!! Pedrosa was out of control, if Hayden had braked early Pedrosa should have avoided him, he was in full view of what was going on & had the rest of the race to make a pass on Hayden.

Toby Moody (commentator for Eurosport) in his column for crash.net has a good insight into what happened:

'Away from technicalities, at Honda there was maybe a quick chat from the masters to their two riders about the race ahead, but it doesn't even matter what was said as there is one golden rule in motorsport that 6-year-old mini-moto riders learn early on. You don't knock off your own team-mate. It is not even a discussion. You just don't do it.

So just what did come over Pedrosa going into that corner? He may well have been annoyed by Hayden's manoeuvre into the same corner two laps before, but then the reason that Dani picked the bike up to avoid contact with Nicky, was because Nicky was actually alongside him, then ahead way before the apex; which is why Pedrosa could actually see him to pick the bike up. When the accident happened, Pedrosa was out of control. End of story. As Rossi says about Pedrosa; "There are times when I see his front wheel, and I don't know if he is in control or not."

Pedrosa's body language as he rose to his feet in the gravel trap was disgraceful. Barely looking over to see if Nicky was injured, he just flicked his hands in the direction of the incident as if brushing a wasp away. Not an apology at all. It looked just so wrong that maybe it was some malicious plan all along... I sincerely hope not.

When Kenny Jr knocked off Tamada in exactly the same incident at Sachsenring, Jr rushed over to Tamada to see if he was OK. Kenny asked him in Japanese as such, but all it caused was laughter from Tamada because of the American's terrible formulation of the Japanese language. The difference between the older generation and the younger one!

I do not condone violence, but one wag said that Nicky should have just whacked him over the head with his Arai, foregone his new two-year Honda contract and gone to Ducati there and then. Ducati may have asked Hayden if he was sure that the deal for 2007 and 2008 was concrete. They may have swung him there and then as Hayden signed with Honda not just for 2007/8, but also for the remaining three races of 2006, and so far it doesn't look like there's been much help.

Has Pedrosa shown an element of the Schwantz/Rainey duel of just not being able to function rationally with that rival rider in front of him? Hey, although we saw a right mess in the gravel at Estoril, we may well have in front of us the best year of two team-mates fighting on track with equal machinery at Honda during 2007. Rossi will think that's fantastic as he takes all the Yamaha points to another title...!

Now getting into the garage, the Puig/Pedrosa relationship is strong, but I wrote after China, race number four, that it was a very 'different' way of being an International sportsman, but according to Puig I got it all wrong and Pedrosa is actually the "heart and soul of the party" (cannot comment on that as not been to a party with him) and a "racer" (couldn't agree more) but Puig himself - and I quote you - "doesn't care about these sponsors"... For a member of a mega team to say that was in my view, incredible.

Honda thought it correct to complain about my comments after China, but did so by writing a letter to the TV company that doesn't actually publish this column rather than facing me directly. I thought that rather odd...

...So now Estoril has happened, it could mean that Honda are going to loose a championship to Rossi's Yamaha unless they pull out all of the stops in the next 10 days. The fact that Honda's Golden Boy #26 has let Rossi ahead for the first time this season is the biggest dilemma they've had for a long time. But is it? Not really. They can pull the other riders together in a moment of team spirit, but that is a bit F1, and we actually don't want that to be too prevalent. It will not be fair on Nicky's conscience nor his image for the future; he is above that. He's battled all season to prove that and I hope he can battle head-to-head with Rossi for the title.

No-one ever wrote off Rossi's title chances when he was 51 points behind Hayden after America, so why should people when Nicky is just eight back of Rossi now.

Boy oh boy this is going to be a heart stopper!'

So roll on Valencia, this is going to be the best end to a MotoGP season ever. They even have Troy Bayliss making an appearance on the 990 Ducati in place of Gibers, can't wait :eek:hno

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When the other rider has apologized and admitted he was wrong... how can this idiot state it was Hayden's fault?

Unbelievable. With teammates like him, you don't need competitors.
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