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Parting out a clean title 05 zx6r with 18k. Bike is plasma blue so everything but the lowers are that color lowers are black. Right lower is gold from a special edition bike and so is extra nose and extra tail see below for pricing


as the title says:
Clean title frame $1000
forks with tripples $220.00
ecu $200
swing arm $70
motor kit $1100
radiator $100
subframe $40
left rearset $40
passenger rear sets(2 avail) $30
calipers with lines and pads $50
front master cylinder/lever/resi $50
headlight $150 (all tabs there )
the black cover panel thats right under headlight $10
mid fairings $40 each side has minor scratches scuffs
lowers $40 each side right lower is gold left is black right side needs minor work
tank (blue) $80 *has two medium dents not bad though
front fender (blue) $50
special edition tail mint $90
blue tail needs work $30
Special edition nose 1 small crack can barely notice it $75
clip ons $40
left and right hand switches/controls $15.00 per side
lock set (ignition, key, gas cap, trunk lock) $100
stock windscreen $15
rear rearset $50
front tire (70% tread left) $50
rear tire (85%tread left) $80
tail light (3 available) $20
front blinkkers $10 each side
rear blinkers $10 each side
mid pipe Micron $90
Micron slip on $150
stock header $20
front driver seat $30
rear passenger seat (2 of these avail) $40 each
batter tray $15
trim pieces right below seat $10 each side
dash panel trim pieces $40 pair or $25 each side SOLD
speedo w 18k miles $80
upper fairing/mirror backet stay $30
clutch cable $20
bar ends $15
Harris Grips $15
OEM fairing blots and well nuts $1.00 each
front rotors $60
Solo Cowl (black) $100
front wheel $100
rear wheel $150

All prices are quoted with no shipping fees.
pm me for anything you need bike was whole so even if it's not listed im sure I have it......

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Greensboro, to be exact krazy k. And pm'ed back zxsicks pm back email address you want the pics to go to...
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