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HI GUYS! i have a zxr250 94 model and it's overheating, i found out the fan wasn't turning on so i unplugged the electrical plug to the switch and bridged it and the fan went on. So i thought the switch was gone so i replaced it, to my surprise the fan still wasn't running with the new switch :(. I felt the left side of the rad tank ( where the THERMO fan switch was located) and it was pretty cool so i thought hot coolant wasn't able to reach the thermo switch for it to close the circuit. I suspect the thermostat wasn't opening ( after feeling top and bot radiator hoses i noticed the bottom one was cool while the top was bloody hot) so i took the thermostat out and tested it and it opened....soooo yehhh anyone else got any ideas ? :banghead :eek:hno :runaway
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