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hi evrybody

i am a french guy driving a zx 14 after having a bmw K12 R. the two motos are very very differents and i like both them for opposite reasons

i write because i have a strange problem with my zx

i drived yesterday 400 km, and the day was quite hot but nonthing extraordinary

my bike was over over over hot. not the engine from two to for squares on the water heat controller, but the entire motrcycle

-the gas tank was so hot it was difficult to put the hand on

- the careenage of the moto, especially the pieces up the ram air , was awfully hot

-the framework up the re-fixing-feet was so hot you could'nt put the hand on

- even the re-fixing-feet was hot

the general heat produced by the bike was absolutely terrible, but the strange is the bar graf oh heat water was apparently working and so the ventilator behind the radiator

who gets an idea to explain this problem

i precise that just before that the front and the right parts of the careenage following to a small fall on the right of the bike

thank you for your explanations and sorry for the approximative english
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