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Options with B1-636 Brake Swaps

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Hey guys, I have an 03 636 and thanks to some good fortune lately I will be having 3 track days in the next few weeks. The bike will largely be a track queen (Running at Jennings GP). It will see some street use, but not nearly as much as track.

I have searched, and found very vague answers for the options with upgrading brakes on the 03-04 zx6's, and was hoping to condense the material into one thread so that people could use this as a reference.

What are the options/requirements with the brake swaps on this particular bike? Things That I am looking for are:

Off what year/model brakes can be swapped in?

What modification needs to be done?

Any additional parts that are needed?

Will the master cylinder need to be/can it be swapped in as well?

Will the rotors swap out?

Anything else that is relevant to the topic.

I have heard later model zx6r brakes will work, zx14 brakes will work, etc, but I would greatly appreciate a definitive answer.

Thank you guys for any and all help, I really appreciate the guidance,

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