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Favorite. Right color with silver rims. But… I’d need to get a stock swing arm. Or would I? I don’t want to sacrifice handling. And how loud is that Brocks 4 into 1? Not interested in a loud exhaust.
$8,890. 13,000 miles
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Second best. Stock but can’t stand the rims.
$8,890. 2,900 miles
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Rims again.
$7,500 12,000 miles View attachment 23272

Cheapest one. I’d have to do the rims. $6,500. 24,000 miles
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So…any idea how much to powder coat rims? And what about mileage? Not really knowledgeable about how long these motors last.

TIA for any input.
My '07 had almost 80K miles on the motor when it was totalled. The motor was removed, sold and bolted into another bike and the new owner and his mechanic were well aware of the mileage. All I had to do was make a vid of it running before it was unbolted. Properly maintained, one of these engines would surely exceed 100,000 miles and still run well enough.

It wasn't babied, either. I also have vids of before and after replacement of the steering head bearings, which were detented from landing so many wheelies.
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