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**** Official ZXF 2011 Picture Game ****

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This thread is unique as it gives us all an opportunity to display our ZX bikes in random situations across the globe while doing what we love the most, riding!

Rules/Regulations of participation:

- The focus of this thread is simple. Name a place or thing to take a picture with your ZX (or bike). First person to go out, take, and post the picture gets to choose the next photo challenge.

- A new challenge must be picked when a picture of the last one was posted. This means you MUST include the new specific challenge at the bottom of your posts. Failure to do so not only delays the next challenge, but also frustrates other thread participants.

- There will be an 8 hour time limit on each new challenge. (we may stretch this out for those certain posts that go in late at night so that people have a chance in the morning to get the point). Once the challenge is placed the clock starts ticking. If nobody gets the new challenge in that 8 hour time limit, a new challenge must be placed. The original person placing the challenge then has 2 hours to pose the new challenge. (Simply because not everyone is on a computer 24/7 we need to give ample time to let someone log on to put up the new challenge). If that person does not place a new challenge within the two hours… the last person to win a photo challenge gets to pick the next one.

- Please, do not to make your challenge impossible! This means:

- No action oriented photos. (i.e. your ZX riding a wheelie)
- No unsafe act "squidding" photos. (i.e. your ZX riding a wheelie while being set on fire)
- No nudity or pornographic material. (bikini babes are always welcome!)
- No extravagant landmarks. (i.e. your ZX on Mt. Everest)

- The point of this game is to get people OUT AND RIDING! Make your challenges something that people have to get off of their asses to do!
Make the challenge attainable by ALL members regardless of geographic location. This means… Instead of “Your ZX at a Circle K store” make it… “Your ZX in front of a convenience store” so people that don’t have a Circle K near them have a chance at getting the win!

- Once a valid picture is submitted by any one member, we move on to the next challenge

- ALL submissions in this thread will be judged by those playing… if there is a dispute, we will then confer to RRZXTER who has volunteered to be a non-biased judge if need be… RR will also help moderate the game.

Let’s keep the thread clear of all meaningless banter. If you have to talk about the photo thread.. DO IT HERE. Please keep all off-topic discussions out of this thread. While some discussion will be permitted, excessive or non-related posts by forum members will be dealt with accordingly. Please understand excessive posting makes the thread longer than necessary and deters potential participants.

- No photo bashing:
Don't make fun of or jeer your fellow ZXF member rides.

- Photo integrity:
Valid photos must be larger than 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. More than one picture can be submitted to validate or "win" the challenge. If there are complaints about the integrity of a submitted photo because it appears to be fabricated (photoshopped) in any fashion, the submission will be deemed unacceptable and will be denied. Submission points will also be deducted for any fabricated photos which are entered into the thread. RRZXTER will have final say on questionable photos.

There you have it people! It's on! It's noon Pacific Time - GAME ON!!!

First challenge: Your bike/ZX at a Starbucks / coffee house.
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Your ZX/bike in front of a UPS truck :thumbup
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Ok, so it's been 16 hours for this Challenge.
Let get this game going :crazyloco

NEW Challenge, Your ZX/ Bike in front of a Post Office

your zx in front of a High school
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Your ZX/ bike in front of a pizza shop
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Your ZX at a movie theater.
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OK guys and gals... it's been more than 8 hours since I put up the last challenge.


Your ZX/bike parked next to a "Curves ahead" sign.

Like this one..
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Oh jeez... nobody can get on their bike and find a twisty road sign? lol

OK... it's been long enough...

New Challenge:
Your ZX at a Motorcycle shop.

Your ZX/ bike on a basketball court
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your zx and a local recycling center sign
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Your ZX in front of a convenience store.
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Cool... thanks for fixin' that.. :evil

your zx in front of a walmart.. your bike must be centered under the walmart letters!!
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Your ZX/ bike next to a swingset
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Your zx next to a bicycle crossing sign
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Current picture count - (will post this in the B.S. thread as well.

05_ZX6R_Linteau - 4

zx7er - 2

Wardie, PG75, Guitarocker420, and mpskowski each have 1

CURRENT CHALLENGE = Your zx next to a bicycle crossing sign

your bike/zx in front of a college or professional sports arena/stadium
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Ur zx next to a construction ahead sign
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okay its been well over 8 hours... i figured a construction site would be easy but i guess not...
new challenge
ur zx in front of a subway restaurant

your zx next to a porter pottie/potty however you spell it
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