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Vote for your favourite bike for the ROTM!

  • masterzx7p5's 2000 ZX-7R

    Votes: 3 11.5%
  • Tx636Kid's 2004 ZX-6R

    Votes: 14 53.8%
  • mpskowski's 2013 ZX-14R

    Votes: 9 34.6%

  • Total voters
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This is the voting thread.

The winner of this poll will be placed into the Ride of The Year voting thread which will open December 1st of each year. The ROTY Champion will be awarded a zxforums.com ROTY Champion personalized t-shirt.

I will update the poll as entries are accepted in the entry thread.(click here for entry thread.)

Deadline for entries is 11:59pm (eastern time) on the 15th of the month.

After the deadline has passed, I will edit this thread so that the entries will be contained here in the voting thread to make voting quick and easy.

No entries will be accepted in this thread.

As always, if you have not won the ROTM contest during the current ROTY calender, you are eligible to enter.

Thank you and Good luck to the contestants!

Here they are:

masterzx7p5's 2000 ZX-7R

I'll enter my 7.

Bought my 2000 zx7r with almost 6,000 miles, parked in a garage for a few years, after what it looks like a low side. Not running.
After repairing the electric and cleaning the fuel system and carbs, I got it running and it's now very fast and fun.

Mods and updates:
- New Dunlops Q3's
- SS brake lines, EBC HH pads, new Radial MC (08 Gsxr 1000)
- Rebuilt suspension with front RaceTech internals and set to my weight
- Rear integrated LED light with LED flasher.
- Fiberglass huger, Hot Bodies under tail (color matching)
- Kleen air mod, K&N airfilter, DJ stage 1 (136/138), pilot jets 38
- Muzzy exhaust system (full)
- +4 Ignition Advancer
- Euro pilot light (just above the headlights)

Tx636Kid's 04 ZX-6R

This is my 04 636. Have a bit of a story behind her. My dad bought the bike back in 2011 from a guy that was in the military and just didn't have time for it. The bike looked like it had just rolled off the showroom floor with 10,500 miles. It was bone stock at the time. As soon as we got it home we stripped the bike down and started buying parts. The bike actually sat for 2 years in my garage as we did the build, with the occasional trailer trip to shops here and there when things needed to be done that I myself couldn't do. I did 90% of the work myself as my dad isn't very mechanically inclined, I also funded a lot of the parts. There were quite a few little hiccups along the way as always, but it all came together in the end. Our vision for the bike was to make it a track inspired street bike, and although there is still plenty I'm going to do, I think we captured the look we were shooting for. Long story short, when my dad got on the bike after the build, it scared him and he sold it to me...selling it to anybody else I didn't allow as an option lol. So here she is guys, hope you like it.

Custom painted fairing kit (tank designed by me and painted seperately)
Gold D.I.D 520 chain
Anodized Red Driven rear sprocket
Driven front sprocket
Anodized Red Driven D-3 grips
Red/green Spiegler braided brake lines
Power commander 3 w/ pro tune
Flashed ECU
Wiseco Piston kit 68mm bore
Factory pro velocity stacks
Factory pro Evo 7 shift star kit
Factory pro ignition advancer
YoyoDyne slipper clutch
All air box mods
BMC air filter
K&N oil filter
EBC double H brake pads
D&D exhaust w/ cat delete
Ballistic lightweight race battery
Rear seat cowl
LED smoked rear taillight w/ integrated blinkers
Proton flush mount blinkers
Fender eliminator
OEM style carbon fiber mirrors
Black aftermarket foot pegs
Lockhart Phillips red anodized full fairing bolt kit
Double bubble windscreen
Progrip carbon fiber tank protector
Black frame sliders
Black bar ends

I run Michelin Pilot Power 3's and love them. I also run water wetter coolant and Motul race oil (the green stuff).

Then of course there is all of the vinyls which I put on myself and the wheel stripes. I had some vinyls custom made with my last name, the number 3 and the American flag.



mpskowski's 2013 ZX-14R

This is my basically brand new 2013 ZX-14R. My wife put it on layaway for me back in October as a wedding gift and I took delivery this March '15. So far it has :

Fender Eliminator
Puig Racing Windscreen
Cox Radiator Guard
Graves Slip-on Exhaust
Shogun Frame and Spool sliders

Also have the PCV sitting here mapped and ready to be installed, as well as a BMC air filter and set of Pazzo shorty levers to be installed (next year I guess)

And that's it I think. Enjoy the bike porn!


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When It came time for paint I just couldn't go with anything other than green. Took a shot in the dark and went with the darker candy green and I'm glad I picked that color. It's different, yet sticks true to the Kawi nature.

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More votes please.

I wonder where all the members of the 7 family are. They usually come out in droves when a 7 is in the contest.

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We need more votes, are u guys going to let the zx6 and 14 run away from me and leave me with 2 votes? That's very disappointing!
And here i am, thinking that i did a good job on mine to get her to where she is now.

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We need more votes, are u guys going to let the zx6 and 14 run away from me and leave me with 2 votes? That's very disappointing!
And here i am, thinking that i did a good job on mine to get her to where she is now.
No joke man. Your bike is very nice. This should be a 3 way battle to the end.
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