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Official March ROTM Poll!!

  • MiRhodes's 2000 ZX7R

    Votes: 67 44.7%
  • Garcia2389's 2007 ZX10R

    Votes: 6 4.0%
  • Stillmackn's 2008 ZX14

    Votes: 7 4.7%
  • Scoobs' 2001 ZX6R

    Votes: 7 4.7%
  • Youssef636's 2006 ZX6R

    Votes: 63 42.0%
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This is the voting thread.

I will update the poll as entries are accepted in the entry thread.(click here for entry thread.)

Deadline for entries is 11:59pm (eastern time) on the 15th of the month.

After the deadline has passed, I will edit this thread so that the entries will be contained here in the voting thread to make voting quick and easy.

Any vote cast before the entrant's name(s) have been added to the poll will be discarded. (No voting for "waiting for entries...")

No entries will be accepted in this thread.

As always, if you have not won the ROTM contest in the last 12 months, you are eligible to enter.

Thank you and Good luck to the contestants!

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2000 zx7r

Make: ZX7R
Engine Size: 748cc
Pipe: Full Muzzy
Wheels: Stock Dark Gray

This is my third bike I have owned. Have been looking for this exact model for many years, and always was my favorite. Finally got a new job and the first thing I did was search for months for the right ZX7R. Found this one a few hours from my house that needed work done to it. After getting it home removed all the monster, and other misc. stickers to get it as clean as possible. installed K&N air filter, Touched up a few spots and tore it down for a total cleaning and replace of any parts that I didn't like. Over 150 LED lights spread throughout.

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I haven't tried in awhile but figured I'd give it a shot again...

2007 Kawasaki zx-10r Special Edition
Two Bros. Vale slip on
Vortex adjustable rearsets
puig smoked screen
-1 front sprocket

and some cell phone pics due to lack of good ones


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Heres my 2008 Special Edition Flat Black Zx14.Dyno PCIII, Shorty/Fatty Exhaust,Secondary Flys out,16t Front Sprocket,SpeedOHealer, JEFFO Custom Map,Custom Hand stitched black and red leather seat,front and rear frame sliders,Swing arm plate holder,Red LED's, Lowered and Stretched. Rear fender eliminator, currently equipped with a double bubble, spike bolt replacements,custom grips and grip ends. Just added Angel tires....SHE IS FAST!


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cheers ond for the nom
ok guys a little about about the bike
its a 2001 j1 model
when i bought her it was bog standard
i have done all the work myself except the engine mods which were done by an engineering firm
ive owned the her for donkeys years she has been completely rebuilt from ground up
bodywork wise ....its a J series with a B series rear and a hand made seat
reason for the paint on the bike .....its not a yammy colour ....i went to a museum and colour matched the bike to one of Arton Senna's formula 1 cars .....
just a fan so i thought i would do my bike in the same colours
mechanical upgrades are alot .....dont want to bore you

ps.... i do have mirrors for the bike but havent put them on yet


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Amsoil SAE Full Syn 10W40
Amsoil Coolant/Watter Wetter
Motul RBF600
Maxima 10W

Custom Paint Job
Custom Painted Rims
TLS-MD3-12 (Being installed)
Decals Removed
10,000K HID's W/Relays
Dual High-Beams
LED Flasher Relay
LED Front Indicators
LED Integrated Tail Light (Smoked)
Euro Flush Mounts (Smoked)
No-Cut Frame Sliders
Double Bubble Wind Screen
Reservoir Sweatband
Shaved Rear Reservoir bracket
Radiator Guard
Fully Adjustable Rearsets
Zx-R Bar Ends
Carbon Fiber Tank Pad
TechSpec C3
Zip-Tie Plate Mount
LCD Mount (DIY)
Aluminum Keyless Fuel Cap
Pro Bolt Clutch Cable Adjuster
Blacked out
- Headlight Housing
- Engine Case Cover
- Stator Cover
- Passenger Pegs
- Exhaust Hanger
- Brake Calipers (Front/Rear)
- Raiditor Sides
- Front Rotors
- Rearsets

ECU Jumper Mod
Zip-Tie Throttle Mod
Kleen Air Mod
Block Off Plates
Servo Eliminator
Shorai Lithium-iron
Battery Cable Extensions
EvoMX Tank Foam
BMC Air Filter
K&N Oil Filter
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
Heat Wrapped Fuel Line
Heat Wrapped Air Box
Carbon Fiber Yoshi RS5
PC III USB W/Custom tune
LCD Display for PCIII
SpeedoDRD W/Recall
Adjustable Shorty Levers (Clutch/Brake)
Braided Steel Lines (Front/Rear)
Nissin Caliper Swap
Carbone Lorraine Pads (Front XBK5/Rear RX3)
Superlite Sprockets (Front/Rear) (-1/+2)
520 Gold Chain
Rear Brake Reservoir Delete
TB's Sync
Valves Adjusted
Factory Pro Stacks
Factory Pro Evo Shift Star
Ceramic Wheel Bearings
Manual CCT
MP Throttle Cable
MP Clutch Cable
MP Washer Lock
Forks Revalved
RaceTech Fork Springs
RaceTech Rebound Fork Valves
New OEM Bushings
New OEM Fork Seals
Lowered W/Suspension Tune
3-Way Lowering Links
Resurfaced Rotors
Schnitz Radiator Cap
Magnetic Sump plug
Pirelli Rosso 2's
Dyna Beads

By youssef636 at 2012-02-14

By youssef636 at 2012-02-14

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

By youssef636 at 2012-02-04

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Scoobs for the win.
Seriously, Marks not reveled all there is to his bike,
First off its bored closer to a 750 than a 600, & his forks have been completely rebuilt by Maxton.
& he is about to throw on a set of GALFER rotors.

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MiRhodes has my vote. That's the nicest and cleanest zx7 Ive ever seen. Though its bot my style, I can appreciate the work Stillmackn put in his 14, but that 7 just does it for me.

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all great bikes without a doubt, but scoob from your pics' it looks like your exposed engine cover's paint is peeling off and and you headlight lenses stick out way too far... kind of tacky imho. otherwise the bike is awesome. youssef... great wheels, great bike... i just dont think they compliment each other very well, too far apart in style for me. i also think you highlighted too much info (sync'd tb, k+n oil filter, seafoamed, valves adjusted, magnetic plug, fork seals and bushings) alot of regular maintenance everyone does... stillmackn and garcia, your bikes are both "special edition" which is great, but they look pretty much the same besides the fact they are different models... mi rhodes... very clean, and i like the red accent lettering on your front brake calipers. one of those things it takes a good eye to catch and appreciate, you have my vote

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thanks for the words airgreesemonkey, Alot of people dont realize the LED lighting i have under the plastics as well because I took this photo in the daylight, But a close eye can pick out the green lights

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all great bikes without a doubt, but scoob from your pics' it looks like your exposed engine cover's paint is peeling off and and you headlight lenses stick out way too far... kind of tacky imho. otherwise the bike is awesome.
the headlamp cover kit comes with sticky pads ....those sticky pads are fitted between the headlamp and the cover......which is why the gap is there .....standard gappage on that kit :smile
and as for the paint peeling off .....noooo its not its all find and dandy .....
but thanks for your views and that you like the bike :smile
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