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Official March Ride of the Month Entry Thread!!

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It's the first of the month and you all know what that means...
Time for another Ride of the Month Contest!!!

This thread is for entries.

Voting will be handled in the Official March ROTM Poll. (Click here for the Poll thread.)

The deadline for entries will be 11:59pm (eastern time) on the 15th of the month. Only 10 entries will be accepted as that is the maximum for the "polling options". It's first come, first served so get them in early. However, there are some rules.

-You must post a picture/pictures that everyone can see. No links!

-We would like to have some info on the bike, including year, model, mods, maybe a little story about you and your bike.

-If you have won a Ride of the Month contest in the last 12 months then you cannot enter that bike again. If you've got a new bike done differently...alright, I'll allow it.

-The entry must be a Kawasaki.

-You must own the bike at the time of entry.

Once the deadline has passed, I will copy the entrant's posts to the voting thread to make voting easier.

Good luck and let's see some of those rides!
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Year: 2007
Model: ZX6R
Eng size: 600CC
Pipes: Yosh Slip-on and removed the CAT
Seat: Stock Seat
Wheels: Michelon 2CT’s (3,000 miles)
Accessories: Jumper Mod, BMC Filter, D.I.D Chain, SuperLite Sprockets -1/+2, Yosh Exhaust without CAT, Racing Rear Seat Cowl, AMSOIL Oil & Filter, Wave Rotors Front/Rear, Smog Block Off Plates, ZX Bar Ends, New Battery, Zero Gravity Dark Double Bubble (Removed Sticker), Clear Alternatives Smoked Integrated Taillight, Removed Ninja/ZX6R Stickers, & I have custom side turn signals that are by the rear seat.

I love the stock look on this year and I don't want to do too much that takes away from this. I keep her clean, garage kept, and I have been just doing small mods that make the black accent come out a little more.

Thanks for viewing and if you like the all black clean look, please vote for "Darkness."


I just added the ASV C5 Levers:

And the story: I rode a Ninja 250 for about two years and loved the Kawi family and their machines so I wanted to upgrade through them. I looked for about 4-5 months and found my current bike. The nickname for her is “Darkness.” This is because a buddy and me were at Arby’s and the employee their couldn’t see my bike but could see his R1. So, the name stuck and here we are today. I bought her back in April with 3,4XX miles for $5,500 and I currently have around 8,0XX.
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relief... different people trying out the ROTM this month ha ha
I know what you mean RED. I can't stand the guys that enter it month after month thinking they can win. :dunno about them!! Haha
I know what you mean RED. I can't stand the guys that enter it month after month thinking they can win. :dunno about them!! Haha
:crackup :werd

I'll just edit this and say I wasn't going to post anymore.
Ok, that's enough! I don't want Shifty to get upset with us.
Haha well i have voted for the same bike for quite a while and he still hasnt won. And he is already posted up for this month's. I wonder who's bike i could be talking about??
Haha well i have voted for the same bike for quite a while and he still hasnt won. And he is already posted up for this month's. I wonder who's bike i could be talking about??
dude Wardie's a newb I dont know who you been voting for but...
Green Lantern

Year: 1998
Model: ZX9r
Bike Name: Green Lantern
Mods: Custom fiberglass one piece shell, brocks lowering straps, 15" over swingarm, Geared -1/+7, Ultra Shinko Hookup Tire, Dyna2000 ignitions system, Stage 1 Factory Pro jetting and a gutted Full Muzzy pipe.

This is when I purchases it in Nov. 2009

This is what it looks like now after mods.

I'm 300lbs suited and I've ran 10.58 in the 1/4 mile and a 6.75 in the 1/8 this year. I'm dropping weight, and I plan on adding more mods including spray. When I'm finished it should run 9.50 in 1/4 & 5.20 in the 1/8th. "Us Big Boys Gotta Race To" :moon
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Timm if you use photobucket the pictures will come out a little bigger. Just fyi since it is hard to see the small details in those.
Thanks I just found it, I've redone this at least 3 times...LOL
Thanks I just found it, I've redone this at least 3 times...LOL
Once you upload them to photobucket.com all you have to do is just click on the IMG code (hover over the pic). This copies it and then you just past it where you type for here. Easy enough.
Here is my 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R.

Modifications and accessories include:

Chrome Kickstand
Chrome Foot Pegs
Chrome Front Calipers
Chrome Front & Read Rotors
Chrome Rear Sprocket
Chrome Rear Caliper
Chrome Shifter
Chroming Rims
Chrome Swing Arm
White Strobe Lights in front & rear turn signals
Street Glow Red LED Light Package
Air Horn
Front Fork Base painted Silver
Universal Cruise Control
Power Commander III
M4 Exhaust
Kuryakn Grips
Chrome Switch Housing
Red Galfer Steel Braided Clutch Line
Red Galfer Steel Braided Front Brake Lines
Red Galfer Steel Braided Rear Brake Line
Scott's Steering Damper
Battery Jump Cable
Heated Gear Cable
Hot Bodies Undertail
Chrome Chain Guard
Chrome Underbelly Pan
Clear Alternatives smoked front & rear turn signals & integrated taillight
Puig Double-Bubble Windscreen
Smoke Tint on inside headlights
Chrome Fairing Screens
BMC filter
Amsoil 15/50 Race Oil
HID's in outside headlights
Red corner lights
Big Crank ETX14 Battery
Cigarette Socket Panel Mount Kit
Carbon Fiber Air Intake Covers

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try this again

about my bike 99 zx9r
rebuilt motor 7k on it
998cc big bore kit
60 shot wet nos kit with purge
custom superbike fairings
-1 front stock rear 530 ek chain and sprockets
stage 2 jet kit
muzzy ram air kit(flo commander)
full muzzy exhaust
k&n filter
adjustable front sets
dunlop race take offs
gator memory foam seats
candy red paint
custom airbrushing
galfer brake pads and rotors

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07 Ninja ZX6R
3,200 Miles
Yoshi Pipe
Frame Sliders.
Scorpio Alarm
Black is the fastest color right :tard

Before anyone asks yes i have the seat its just off from when i had the battery out lol

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09 ZX6R two bros slip on,bmc filter,bazzaz fuel managment system,vortex no cut frame sliders,intergrated tail light with signals,avon tyers,carbon fiber works heel guards,sporttech black chrome wind screen,pro grips,monster tail cover,crg levers,carbon fiber brake res cover,

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Wardie, TimmReaper, KawKrew06ZX14, Moneyzx9r, Mirwin and Adamo have all been added to the poll.

Filling up fast this month. Only 4 spots left.
Here is mine

1994 ZX9R Ninja B model (Dreamcatcher AKA UFO)


Body Mods:
Custom touring nose
Custom Black with Zorrilic flake and Custom Green.
Green Body Light Kit
Motrix adjustable levers

Engine Mods:
Yoshimura Slip on with powerflow headers
Ported and Polished

Tires: Mitchelin BT 50 pro street

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UFO has been added to the poll.
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