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New ROTM Format!

** The new format will be an 11 month ROTM contest. Each monthly winner from January to November will be entered into a final poll in December for everyone to choose their favorite bike for the RIDE OF THE YEAR (ROTY). **

The winner of the ROTY will win a zxforums.com t-shirt with their member name/bike and ROTY Champion on the back.
Assuming product and vendor is still available - if not we will think of something else for a prize.

-All bikes entered must belong to a ZXFORUMS.com registered member.

-All competitors must have at least 50 posts to enter the competition. We want to ensure prizes and glory go to real members of our forum.

-You must post a picture/pictures that everyone can see. No links!

-We would like to have some info on the bike, including year, model, mods, maybe a little story about the you and the bike.

-If the bike has won a Ride of the Month contest during the current ROTY campaign then you cannot enter that bike again. If you've got a new bike done differently...alright, I'll allow it.

-The entry must be a Kawasaki.

Once the deadline has passed, I will copy the entrant's posts to the voting thread to make voting easier. Also they will be added to the ROTY Voting Thread.

As always, the voting will be done in a separate thread found HERE


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Can you copy my entry from June? :evil

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I would like to enter my 2015 carbon gray and green ZX14R. It is the replacement of my 2013 that was totaled in March. List of mods are: green halos on the headlights, green Euro style front turn signals, green front axle spools/sliders, Power Bronze radiator protector, T-Rex frame sliders, Green led strips in the ram air intake, behind the fins, and under the tail, green bar ends, dark smoke double bubble windscreen, black windscreen bolts, Gen-Mar bar risers, Ram stem mount phone holder, Eklipes power port, Rostra electric cruise control, Coffman's shorty slip-ons with green tips, heel guards painted green ( plan to powder coat this winter ), green rear swing arm spools/sliders, dark smoke rear turn signal lenses, dark smoke tail light with integrated turn signals, and a homemade fender eliminator with led license plate light.


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I figure I'll enter my 2012 Z1000.

First picture of her as soon as she got home.

From then on it was all downhill. Let the mods commence!

Fender eliminator
CustomLED integrated tail light
LED markers and turn signals
Toyota LED projector headlights with demon eyes
LED strips in the intake grilles, above the engine, in the belly pan, and under the tank
Rizoma handlebar
Driven grips
eBay bar end mirrors
Tank pad
Sargent seat
Akrapovic full single exhaust
Exhaust servo delete
Air box mod
Kleen air block off plates
ECU flash
Power Commander
Penske 8983 rear shock
Traxxion fork springs
K&N Air filter
Racing 905 race armor
434 racer orange shorty levers

Here is how she sits now.


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This is my basically brand new 2013 ZX-14R. My wife put it on layaway for me back in October as a wedding gift and I took delivery this March '15. So far it has :

Fender Eliminator
Puig Racing Windscreen
Cox Radiator Guard
Graves Slip-on Exhaust
Shogun Frame and Spool sliders
BMC Air Filter
Pazzo Levers

And that's it I think. Enjoy the bike porn!


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mpskowski88's 2013 ZX-14R and 92K1500's 2012 Z1000 have been added to the poll!!!

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Let me try

I always liked unique things that’s why searched for zx12r for a while, I mean Bike was built to hit 200mph huge cool factor. Im 6’2” 220 and It fits me just perfect
Bought it from 1st owner with 6k miles,bones stock beside blinkers and neglected sitting in garage for 2+years…..rode 3h each way to get it…
Since then
I disassembled Bike completely( Im very anal)
Replaced fluids, valve cover gasket, plugs etc etc
Retrofitted My headlights with projectors and halos, also painted housing black
Flush mount blinkers and integrated taillight
Added Bonneville box(bye bye 186mph)
Scotts dampener
SS brake Lines
Full muzzy exhaust Ceramic painted
Power commander V +Auto tune
+4 ignition advanced
Kleen air mod
Added white indiglow gauges
Gear indicator
Gold levers
For those top speed runs lowered bike .5 inches up front which helps big girl corner much nicer
Mirror block of plates

DE stickered people call it zx6r or zx9r LOL
There is more I will do when I can
I also will test out top speed with gps on stock gearing Hoping to break 200 mph, and do some loring
The day I got it Rode it back


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