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So I went to the local swap meet yesterday and picked up a set of 4 pot nissin calipers. Only problem is Im not sure what model they are from but for $10 and they had new pads in them , i figured worst I could do is triple my money on e-bay. Anyhow.....IM pretty sure they are from a Honda so far In my searches only the Honda's have double pins holding the brake pads in. ( IM SURE THERE ARE OTHER BRANDS BUT THATS ALL IVE FOUND SO FAR )

Anyhow, Has anyone seen anywhere that I could get adapters for these ?
IF theyre from the RC-51 or the 900rr Then theyre freaking awesome brakes.
And i want to run them.

I will post pix of the calipers when I get back home.

Thanks , Paul
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