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The stunning appearance, incredible speed and general thrilling-ness of the amazing MiniMoto Kawasaki Ninja pocket-sized motorbike will astound you.
This perfectly scaled-down replica of the legendary Kawasaki Ninja is a miracle of modern design and engineering. MiniMotos boast all the high quality craftsmanship and style of the full-sized versions. Our MiniMotos come from the world's most respected manufacturer, and feature superbly welded tubular frames cloaked in race replica bodywork..

Propelled by a 39cc Blata 2-stroke petrol combustion engine, you'll feel the torque the moment you accelerate away. Whilst the engines of some miniature motorised vehicles produce little more than a gentle hum, the MiniMoto's engines produce the roar of a full-sized motorcross bike. .

The MiniMoto Kawasaki Ninja can achieve amazing speeds of approximately 37 mph, which feels mind-blowing when you're a matter of inches from the ground. Its superb power and speed means that genuine, full-on racing can be a reality in the right environment. The faint-hearted need not apply!.

Before we selected the MiniMoto range, we extensively tested all the models (it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.) This is what one of our testers said:
‘Being over 6 feet tall, I was sceptical whether I'd be able to ride it. But once I got on and got moving it was surprisingly comfortable. Once you've got the acceleration going you can really feel the force. That's when you realise you're doing over 35 mph and your knees are only a foot from the floor! Scary – in a really fantastic way.'.

As well as being suitable for riders of all heights, the MiniMoto Kawasaki Ninja can take weights of up to 242lbs. So even if you're a giant who stuffs pies down his throat like there's no tomorrow, you can still use this fantastic bike. MiniMotos are also incredibly sturdy and durable, built to withstand the inevitable knocks from raucous off-road racing..

The MiniMoto Kawasaki Ninja has the bulbous wheels and tyres of its full size counterpart, plus front and rear discs for added realism. It's one of the most amazing boys toys we've seen in a long time. If you're looking to go to the next level in extreme fun, look no more – your dreams can now be reality..

Measures: 95 (L) x 53 (H) x 50 cm (W)
Weighs: 37.5 lb (17kg)

Please note: As you don't need a licence for these marvellous miniaturised machines, you can't use them on public highways or in public areas. Please stick to private land – with the owner's permission of course! MiniMotos are not suitable for under 14s, and it is Stuff Group policy not to sell them to under 18s.

Features and Specifications:

Engine – Two stroke – air cooled 39cc
Maximum speed – 11,000rpm – top speed of 37mph!!!
Power output – 2.5kW at 8700 rpm
Dell'orto carburettor
Electronic ignition
Manual starting
Centrifugal friction clutch
Frame – Welded from high strength steel tubes
Lining – Three parted
Brakes – Mechanical disc brakes (Front and rear wheel)
Wheels – Front wheel: 4” –51 light alloy, Rear wheel: 4” – 95 light alloy
Tyres: 300 – 4” with pattern (Front and rear)
Tubes: 300 – 4” (Front and rear)
Fuel: Petrol (96 octane and synthetic oil)
Mixing ratio: 50:1
Tank capacity: 1 litre
Carrying Capacity: 242lb (110kg)

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not sure, i think i heard something about a stage II turbo kit.
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