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Good Day All,

the name is Christian and I get bored... easily.
I went from Tj's and Jk's to Suzuki's, BMW's, Norton's and this old 1993 metric ZX11D (believe its a Canuck.)
Garage find, dead in the water for how long? Wasn't even completely assembled.
I have fondled everything on this girl.
Brakes completely rebuilt. DOT 4, All Balls,
Wheel bearings and tires. Shinko's, All Balls
Found slave cylinder piston in backwards. Rebuild, install braided hose, DOT 4.
All new fuel hoses. OEM
Rebuilt carbs. All Balls
Rebuilt forks. All Balls, BelRay
Rebuilt alternator with updated V.R.... which is probably why the CDI, 2/3 ignition coil, tach, and many bulbs were blown.
Replaced CDI, installed new Dyna mini coils with custom Taylor wires.
Install US instrument cluster. Fuel sending unit is defective, replaced fuel gauge with digital volt meter.
And much more as neglect was in her past.
Many many paypal/fleabay transactions lol...
More work to accomplish but she actually runs, well. Accelerates and shifts through the gears and then stops.

77 Suzuki GS750-ish - profile pic - rebuilding controls/levers/electrical at the moment.
93 BMW R1100RS - sewing machine - no pic - found dead and sitting for almost 10 years. True survivor
93 ZX11 - as mentioned above - in pic - ZR-7 in background is in worse shape than the '11 but it was free :cool:



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