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hi to you all

first off I would like to introduce myself
my name is diogo I'm from portugal and recently bought a 1991 zzr 1100 C1, it's an awsome piece of kit but I want more so what I mean to ask is:

- usd suspensions is that doable? if so what make and model? or should I skip it and just swap the current fork's internals?~

- wheels...should I swap them for zx9r ones?

- brakes...should I go six pots or keep the old 4s?

- rear shock should I go ohlins?

- lower clip-ons and front end will it give a noticible quickness in turn in response? or should it just kill myself at 300 km/h?

thx in advance for all the repplies and sorry for being such a pain in the arse in my first post.....cheers

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