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Hi all.

My name is carl and im a newbee to this forum so please be gentle lol.

I have a 1989 zxr 750 h1 and love it, however through the winter i have taken it off the road to give it a good over haul, fresh paint job, polished frame, replaced all wheel bearings, full service etc.
Things were going great untill i decided to take the front brake calipers off and give them some new paint, on re- fitting and bleeding them i broke the bleed nipple housing, this equalled 1 dead caliper and 1 angry owner.

Does anyone know if i am able to use any other calipers from other bikes that will bolt straight on and give me better braking power and wont brake the bank.

Any help would be great.

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Unless I'm mistaken I believe the calipers from a 95 back should fit the bolt holes. Now spacing and diameter might be different but they should bolt up.
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