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Got my new tyres fitted today - ended up going with the Dunlop Sportsmarts or Q3's as their known in the US.

Feel good initially, haven't tested the grip as yet, putting a few easy miles in first. I ran Dunlop Qualifier 2's before and the new Sportsmart seem a softer carcass, soak up the bumps much better, comfier ride. Sharper profile than the qualifiers an all, although it's hard to really compare as any new tyres turn better after riding with a squared off rear!

Finally had my Supersprox front and rear sprockets fitted with a nice new Tsubaki chain. Will get some pics up tomorrow once I've cleaned and shined! Been shite weather here in blighty!

Hopefully gonna get some trackdays booked soon - will get to use the NTEC tech! The guy at the tyre shop recommended running on 24 psi at the rear, on track, although it will wear quicker!


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