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Just got a 2008 ZX 14!!

I had a 2000 zx12r, which was my first big big bike(Had a bandit 1200 prior.) the zx12r was getting tired and it seemed to have a new issue every other month

I was originally debating between a hayabusa and a b series zx12r but a zx14 came up for a hard to beat price.

I got it with the current mods already installed:
Full muzzy exhaust
Clutch mod
Agv levers
vortex grips and fuel cap
Schnitz flash
Adjustable billet swingarm( extended 3-4 inches currently)PO also gave me the original sized chain.
Lowered front and rear 1 inch
Pirelli rosso III tires and a extra fresh pair
Double HH brakes, plus PO threw in 3 more fresh ones.
Extra 43 aluminum sprocket
All maintenance is up to date
Led and halogen lights around the bike but minimal and tasteful.

On the test ride, it felt soooo smooth. Even with it being lowered, I felt confident turning it. Comfortable, felt planted.

it did get hot but the bars never went past 2 or 3.

any other mods I can do to this first gen?

water wetter and a extra fan? Dash led mod? Can I add european zzr abs?
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