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Hey, I am Dennis, I have 2 06 hayabusas. I am a member of the PNWriders.com forum, and a site sponser there.

Our web site is www.riderxmotorsports.com.

We are a new local shop a 2 man operation so far, Rider X and I are hoping to be able to provide service to local riders at a reasonable price, so people will stop getting screwed by dealers.

we sell illuimiglo gauges, taillights with intergrated signals, frame sliders, bar ends etc almost anything you can put on a bike we sell. We will beat any local dealer price no matter where you are at.

We also have access to OEM parts, so if you need something let us know we will get it for you cheaper than dealerships around.

We are also a full service shop, valve adjustments, to oil changes, to intalling exhausts, changing tires, mounting/balancing etc...

Let us know what we can do for you!!

Thanks for reading, and look forward to meeting some of you that are around!

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