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I am getting my 1996 Kawasaki ninja ZX9R back back to and running but have some questions RE putting things back together.

One is with the air box, there is an outlet for which I do not know what connects to it as pictured. Can anyone help?

Also the fuel lines - the line that goes to the carbs are a smaller diameter than what comes from the fuel pump so thinking that may restrict fuel flow. I replaced the carb setup on the bike a while ago so thinking that the wreckers may have given me the wrong carbs (off a zx6r or something that don't require as much fuel).

Any help greatly appreciated 馃槉


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Ok so your Carbs should be what you ordered.
Second Picture is the Airbox Drain Hose Fitting, So your short a Hose there.
Below I've added to your initial picture to help explain whats going on.
First is the fitting Circled in Red, That's from the inlet stubs at cylinders 1 & 3 and it should have a small bore Hose that runs round to the Evap Valve front of the Airbox (So please don't shove Fuel in :confused:)
Note:- Inlet stubs at Cylinders 2&4 are usually capped off with small Black Rubbers...

Now to the Fuel delivery from that vacant Fuel Pump fitting to the Carbs.
Green Arrow shows first inlet stub, There should be another identical stub between 3&4 cylinders (Blue Arrow) You can just make out the Black stub in your picture...

Forgive my Limited Paint modification to your picture but better explains Hose & T Piece required.
You need:-
1 Hose Black
1 Hose Green
1 Hose Blue
1 'T' Piece Fitting Red


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The fitting on the air box is just connected to a piece of hose that will hang down to the left side. Simply a drain hose for the air box if it got oil or water inside it.

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You guys are legends! I managed to find the hosing required and put everything back together! This is the trouble with projects... You get half way through fixing, 2 years go by and you forget where everything goes! All I need to fix now is the fuel petcock and the mechanic can do the rest 馃槀 forgive the lack of a couple of spring clips, those are on the list to purchase 馃槈


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