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Need some new tires for the 06 250r - suggestions?

EDIT: Whoops, I meant 2006. My girl rides a 2006 Ninja 250r and it's about time for some new tires. Preferences would be ordered something like this (or as close as possible):

1. Relative "higher level" dry grip (when I take the bike out myself, I like to have a little fun with it because it's like a nimble little scooter...and I might convince her one day to let me take it to Loudon for a few laps lol)

2. Good wet grip (we get caught in the rain a lot)

3. Decent longevity would be nice, but not as high of a priority as grip and feel. Do they make a dual compound in this size?

Suggestions? The sizes seem to be difficult to find in this size and a lot seem to be 190/80-16's vs the 180's that came stock. Are they interchangeable?
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