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I have an 01 ZX6r I need parts for. Most can come from other models/years

I need a left rear set bracket- if it includes the shifter lever, shifter rod, and heel guard that'd be nice. 98-02 zx6r and zx9r will work i believe as well as 05-08 zzr600

I also need a brake lever for the right rear set.

I need all fairings minus the tail. 98-02 and 05-08 zzr (except the upper cowl) will fit. I dont care if they are cracked or broken as long as they are mostly there. send pics of these to [email protected]

I also need the mirror upper cowl bracket or the 02-03 model that incorporates the gauge stay bracket and mirror cowl bracket into one bracket. zx6r and zx9 should work
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