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I have a 2003 Kawi ZX6R 636 that I got for $1500 in immaculate condition. Not a scratch, but the guy I bought it from changed the oil, and didn't tighten the drain plug all the way and hopped right on and rode.

Long story short, he smoked the motor with only 7,000 miles on it. So now I have it, and it runs but knocks real bad and after only 30-45 seconds it'll shut off. So after a tow into the dealership, we've decided it'd be best just to swap a used powerplant into it. I live in Hawaii so, everything shipped is outrageous! But I'm stationed her and that's not gonna change for a few years, and we all know, it's too hard to look at these beauties and not be able to ride them.

So, I have a guy here on the island with an 03 ZX6RR for $1300(no title, 600cc, runs good, been stunting it for the last 3 years with a cage), an 06 ZX6R for $1000(cracked frame, smashed body, runs great), and an 07 ZX6R for $1500(no title, pieces missing, was a stunt bike but got cannibalized one too many times, still runs good).

My question is, which one should I buy? I've read a lot of hype about the 05-05 ZX6R 636 fitting, it's just a little snug because the top of the motor is a little wider, and with the secondary injectors and the flutter valve (eliminator kit req'd), you have to use the new engines harness and ecu. I want to go this route because obviously I want to be as close as I can to the original motors power range.

Does anyone have personal or hands on experience with this? If not, pay attention because, I'll be photographing the whole way!!! I'll likely pick up both the 600cc, and the 06 636 just to have both in either even. So, also send me your parts needs and I'll hook you up.

Thanks for all the help in advance!!!!
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