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88 ZX750R-F2
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Hey guys I'm desperately hoping that someone has had and solved the same issue that I am having with their bike bogging down.
My bike
1988 ZX750R-F2
So here's the story and the headaches since I purchased her.
She was parked for 18 years without even being started. The bright side is she was parked in a heated garage. So she has only 24000km on her. So I brought her home and dove right into it, already knowing what I was having to do.
  • I of course pulled out the carbs and stripped them down and gave them a cleaning like non other. Of course every jet was bunged up, they were nasty.
  • drained the tank of all the old fuel. And of course I'm sure you all know what that tank looked like on the inside. ( Sealing the tank is going to be my last job on her)
  • drained the oil. Installed the new oil filter and gave her some nice new fresh oil.
  • and a battery.
Once that was all done I put her all back together and I couldn't believe it she fired rite up without any problems. I took her for a little ride and she died on me after about 15km.
And then it was issue after issue last year. Never actually was able to get her out at all.

  • pulled the carbs again. Good thing that's where I started again as they were disgusting again but not nearly as bad.
  • put new fuel line as well as inline fuel filter.
  • charged the battery up.
Once I put the battery back in she once again fired right up with no issues at all. As I was letting her run on idle I discovered the water pump was now leaking as well as my clutch push rod. Got that all done went and got her some fresh fuel. Filled er up and she again fired right up. And she idles and runs like it just came out of the factory. Twist that throttle and there is not a single delay and she revs right up and she also sounds incredible.

as I said she idels like a dream and responds instantly to that throttle being touched.
So time to pick all your brains....
When I try to go for a quick little ride. I kick her into first. With the clutch pulled in she is still very sensitive to that throttle and just wants to go.
Pull out of the driveway get completely off the clutch and just straight throttle she looses all her power and won't get above 5k rpm not alone any more then 5kmh. And if I give it more throttle. She cuts right out and dies.
I'm beginning to think it's something to do with my clutch cause in nutural she will still rev right up and bounce red line at 10k rpm and the same in gear with the clutch pulled in.

I'm hoping someone here will have some great insight on this and be able to direct me on where to start. Because I'm completely lost with it right now.
All I know is I need to ride this year.
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