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Found a company online that manufactures replacement bike decals. I took a chance and ordered a full replacement set for my '96 ZX9R. Turned out to be a lot better than expected. I placed my order on 23 Mar. and my debit card was tagged on 27 Mar. Total of $39 US. My order was delivered by mail on 13 Apr. The decals are heavy vinyl, just like factory originals. The colors are really vivid without any blur or fuzzy lines. The die cut is perfect. They can be clear coated too.

The package came from the island country of Malta, off the south coast of Italy. The decals were packed inside stiff cardboard and wrapped with rubber bands, then wrapped in plastic wrap and sealed. All this was inside an air bubble envelope to prevent folding or crushing. It was sent registered air mail and had to be signed for. They even paid for mailing.

You can choose to mix or match a variety colors as well as decal sizes. They cover all the bike makes and nearly every model. If you need decals you might consider this company. I'm glad I did. Only downside was it took 3 weeks for my order to get to me.
The website is: kawasaki-decals.com
I'm not affiliated with this business in any way. Just passing along info that might be helpful.
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