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Hey all,
I was just wondering what is a good site with lots of different kinds of mods for my 1998 zx6r. There is a few specific things I am looking for but haven't been able to find much. First, I want to get a seat cowl for the rear but I haven't been able to find anything. I saw one on a bike that was like a 636 seat cowl it looked awesome, maybe it was custom? How would I go about getting one of these made or where would I buy one? Second, I have tried to find different pictures of 98 6rs with decal packages and stuff on them but it seems most people keep them fairly stock. I just wanna get rid of the pink lettering and make the bike look that much better...any ideas?! :) One last thing, what exhaust sounds the best on this particular bike? I really like the DEEP throaty exhausts, like Bruce Exhaust, and M4, etc. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks guys/gals!

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