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Thanks for the chart.
I have an 06 with K&N with A&R baffle kit installed. (2 inch straight baffle that I stuffed into the stock cans)
No local Dynejet performance center unless I use on of the Harley dealers.
Nothing against Harley dealers but, I just don't trust that I would get a good result.
I am using the M222-004 map form the Dynojet website ( Akro slip ons and aftermarket or stock filter), and it seems to work fine.
Is your bike the same model that we use in the USA?
What map did you use before you had a custome one?
What improvemente did you see?
Are you willing to share your new map with the group?

I also have installed a TRE and have read on some of the forums that adjustment may be required to the fuel map. Does anyone have any specific data for the 06 with a TRE installed? The info on some of the other forums is conflicting and not specific to the 06 model.

Well, with temp in the 40's here in upstate NY, time to go for a ride and try out the speedo healer after programming.

Just too many cool toys to test.....HEH....HEH !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts