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My question first off is, does anyone know where to get a Muzzy Bonnie Box? I've scowered the net and can't seem to find one...same thing for the nikko g pak. I need one that works with an 03 model and if anyone has one/knows of one please post a link or send me a message!!
Well here is my dyno chart i've been waiting all winter to get done. My mods are:
03 ZX12R
K&N Air Filters
Muzzy aftermarket header to straight pipe
Power Commander IIIr (with ignition timing)
Kleen Air Removed
Air Hose rerouted to Crankcase (don't remember the specific terminology)
You can see it had 178hp before the dyno but i messed around with the PC maps for a while last season and rode around with what I thought was a decent ride...they squeesed a couple more ponies out for me and made my power curve much muuuuuch smoother :) The dip at 5000ish rpms is due to the open exhaust.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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