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Well I've made my introduction and now I'm ready to get down to business.
I just bought this 94ZX9R at the beginning of summer. I knew nothing about the bike except for I ran the Vin number and she aint a stolo. So having that in mind my hopes got hired oops got high that I might be able to put this bike together in time To ride before summers out. Well I didn't have much money and fortunate trip to casino changed that around for me and I started throwing money at this bike not knowing anything about it or not even starting it yet. Well many ebay and amazon purchases later and 💥 she's a looker!
Better even yet is I got her to start and even rode it a whole 5 miles. Well, the not knowing bit me in the ass (as life just seems to do), i was unaware that my starter wasn't disengaging like it should of been and I rode it the whole 5 miles with it spinning. But thankfully, even though she locked up on me on the second ride I got, the starter isn't shot. But then came the squeal.
And the oil pressure light that stayed on. I thought she might have spun a crank bearing and was trashed by the sound of the squealy grindy noise coming from the engine . But..
it's not that catastrophic.
I pulled the starter off, stuck my finger in the hole and immediately felt the wiggle wiggle of a very worn out starter clutch.
Dodged a complete rebuild.
Unfortunately though, the case still has to be split to service starter clutch. So gonna tear her down this weekend.
But that doesn't answer the million dollar question for me... Why is my starter staying engaged. I've done all the usual practices clean the button and Chase my wires down. I just bought a harness for it And it's in very good shape however it is a German harness and I don't know what exactly is the difference but there seems to be one as far as the lighting I don't know if anything else is different. I bought a new solenoid, I have not changed the Junction Box however I have done all the service manual tests on it and it came back ok. I have a new fuel pump on her but not a new relay. Ignitor is good. Battery new. And she looks so damn pretty....
But this starter shit got me stumped so.....

I posted pics too. Shes just about there.
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