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Greetings all,

I have secured the parts to put a ZZR1200 exhaust on my D9 ZX-11 and I will have a full Muzzy pipe w/an aluminum can for sale shortly. I hope to get the new exhaust on this Monday, Labor Day.

The pipe is in decent shape, no dents and there is a minor gouge on the can that can be sanded and polished out. I may do this in my spare time. I have no idea of what to ask for this pipe so if anyone is interested contact me and we will talk about it. I would also consider trading left side panels, D9 only, as my panel is already trimmed to accomodate the Muzzy pipe. there is a fair amount of material that has to be removed so as to not heat damage the surrounding area or at worst cause a fire.

Let me know.

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