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so i was curious as if anyone had one and if its worth the cost and does it actually help vs. stock. i pulled this from muzzy so you can see what it is.

This oil sump converts your ZX-12 engine to a dry sump design, utilizing the existing oil pump as a pressure pump only. A scavenge pump is mounted to the stock water pump drive pad and oil is now pumped from the engine and stored in an external tank (not supplied) rather than in the oil pan itself. This requires the use of an electric water pump on a liquid cooled engine. The advantage of this system is primarily oil control to the pump pickup as well as increased vacuum in the engine and reduced oil “windage”. Since the stock pressure pump now receives its’ supply of oil directly from the tank it is not subject to un-porting due to low levels or “g” loads. This ensures an uninterrupted flow of oil to the engine and virtually eliminates the possibility of bearing failure due to oil starvation.
Depending on the size of the tank used, oil capacity is increased as well. The oil is less subject to aeration and the additional capacity lowers oil temperature. In addition the depth of the pan is reduced by 2.5” allowing the engine to be mounted lower in the chassis.
An example of a commercially available tank would be the Moon MP5000-3 1.7 Gal. tank which is 6.5” dia. and 16” high.

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What is it supposed to help? Are you experiencing oiling problems? Do you race your 12?

A dry sump has its place, but the question here is "do you need it?"
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