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Anyone has an 07/08 zx6r motor? I thought about getting a new bike but selling my bike for $2500 or less and spending another $2500-3000 for another one plus registration fees, taxes and all that other bs would be a lot more expensive than my $600 labor and the motor.

The dealer hasnt done the full diognostic on her yet. I was riding about 65mph heard some rattling on the freeway before the motor just shut off. Thank God i grabbed the clutch before it shut off.. dont want the bike locking up at 65..lol.. They said it might be the clutch chain.. but considering it wont start or even make the noise like it wants to start.. I know that thing is done. 30k miles and riding like i stole it.. haha!

Oh and will a 05/06 636 motor fit? those things are everywhere. Hard to find a 07/08. Any help?
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