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Only one ZX-RR testing at Qatar with OJ on board

Day 1

This Sunday the Suzuki MotoGP and Tech 3 teams continued their preseason plans at Qatar’s Losail Circuit. Tech 3 were also seeing the debut of Carlos Checa on the Dunlop-equipped M1.

The Spanish rider did not wish to evaluate or draw conclusions from this first encounter with the bike, but he recognised the large amount of work that lies ahead. In any case, Checa was enthusiastic about this new challenge for 2006. In addition to the Catalan rider and his teammate James Ellison, John Hopkins and Chris Vermeulen also took to the track, alongside Ducati and Kawasaki’s test riders (Shinichi Ito and Olivier Jacque respectively).

For Suzuki MotoGP the Qatar Test is another chance to continue the prototype’s development. American rider Hopkins completed 60 laps of the circuit, with a best time of 1’58.87- a second faster than his fastest lap in the 2005 Qatar GP. Hopkins also tried out the newest Bridgestone compounds. Chris Vermeulen focused on chasis settings and other specifics of the GSV-R, putting in a 2’00.65 after 67 laps.

Tomorrow the teams taking part in the Test will be joined by the Camel Yamaha team of Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards in Qatar. Qatar Test- Day One
Unofficial Times

1. Carlos Checa - Yamaha Tech 3 1'58.22 - 68 vueltas
2. John Hopkins - Suzuki MotoGP 1'58.87 - 60
3. Shinichi Ito - Ducati 1'59.80 - 61
4. James Ellison - Yamaha Tech 3 2'00.12 - 73
5. Chris Vermeulen - Suzuki MotoGP 2'00.65 - 67
6. Olivier Jacque - Kawasaki Racing 2'00.91

Day 2

Reigning World Champion Valentino Rossi was fastest in Qatar on his first day testing at the Losail Circuit with a best lap of 1\'57.36. The Italian finished only slightly ahead of teammate Colin Edwards and heaped praise on the newest version of the M1 for its response, in a test where Camel Yamaha worked predominantly on testing tyres and some small details on the bike. Also receiving the Rossi seal of approval was the state of the track, which was very clean and allowed for a good session. The Camel Yamaha, as in Sepang, suffered a few chattering problems in Qatar.

The Suzuki riders, after their problem-hit Sepang session, again stated that the bike was running far better than before, and that the electronic problems especially were being ironed out.

It was perhaps a day to forget for Carlos Checa as a fall from his bike drew a premature end to his session and he suffered concussion. He chose to rest back at the hotel with the hope of returning tomorrow, and gave his verdict on the accident and the session as a whole.

“I recieved a blow to the head and to start with I was rather disorientated. Because of this and the fact that it was already midday, we decided that the best thing to do was go back to the hotel and rest. I hope to be back in action tomorrow” said the Tech 3 Yamaha rider.

“The accident could have been caused by my having used quite hard rubber which lost grip before I thought”

The session wasn´t all bad news for Checa. He talked positively about his performance before the fall.

“Despite this incident, I´m satisfied with our work and with the results in this my first test with the Tech 3 team, the bike itself and Dunlop tyres. Although we hadn´t set time-based goals for these first sessions, I have put in respectable laps. Tomorrow I hope to feel good and ride again, seeing as aside from the concussion I haven´t received any serious injury.

A sunny day of testing finished a short while before expected, a result of a drop in general and track temperatures during the final session. Tomorrow Yamaha Tech 3 and Suzuki MotoGP have a final day´s practice, whilst Camel Yamaha will undertake their second day in Qatar.

Qatar Test- Unofficial Times

1. Valentino Rossi - Camel Yamaha 1\'57.36 - 48 laps
2. Colin Edwards - Camel Yamaha 1\'57.52 - 60
3. John Hopkins - Suzuki MotoGP 1\'57.64 - 66
4. Carlos Checa - Yamaha Tech 3 1\'57.9 - 43
5. Chris Vermeulen - Suzuki MotoGP 1\'58.67 - 62
6. Shinichi Ito - Ducati 1\'58.8 - 76
7. James Ellison - Yamaha Tech 3 1\'59.8 - 76
8. Olivier Jacque - Kawasaki Racing 2\'00.5 - 34

Source: MotoGP

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Qatar Day 3

Camel Yamaha and Carlos Checa shine on Qatar Test day three
News, 07/02/06

On the third day of Tests in Qatar the Camel Yamahas continued their run at the top of the standings for the second day running. The latecomers to the Losail circuit, having only attended two of the three sessions, both Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards put in the day´s fastest laps. The Camel Yamahas came in under the 1´57 mark (Rossi 1´56.53, Edwards 1´56.81), showing their development to be taking good shape already.

Rossi´s and Edwards´ times were both faster than Loris Capirossi´s 2005 pole-setting lap. The Italian commented that he was very pleased with the time and that a large part of his 60 laps was dedicated to testing different Michelin compounds. Very satisfied with the tyres, Valentino added that he couldn´t wait until Sepang and the chance to go against the rest of the MotoGP field.

Carlos Checa´s skill and determination showed through during the session. The Catalan rider, coming back from a concussion suffered yesterday, took to the track and showed no fear in his comeback. He beat his previous day´s fastest lap time and was just off Colin Edwards´ pace. His competitive spirit was not lost on the reigning World Champion, who regards Checa´s reintroduction to MotoGP as “Good news for the Championship. He´s already a very experienced rider”. Checa described himself as content with his times and excited about the new season, although aware of the work that lies ahead.

Checa´s teammate James Ellison, like the majority of riders, used today for tyre testing. The Suzuki riders James Hopkins and Chris Vermeulen finished their testing with this session. Whilst Vermeulen put in 56 laps of the Qatar circuit, Hopkins brought his outing to an abrupt end at midday due to engine problems.

Qatar Test- Day 3
Unofficial Times

1. Valentino Rossi - Camel Yamaha 1.56.53 -(60 laps)
2. Colin Edwards - Camel Yamaha 1.56.81 -(76 laps)
3. Carlos Checa - Yamaha Tech 3 1.56.9 -(61 laps)
4 John Hopkins - Suzuki MotoGP 1.57.63 -(38 laps)
5. Chris Vermeulen - Suzuki MotoGP 1.57.83 -(56 laps)
6. Shinichi Ito - Ducati 1.58.9 -(44 laps)
7. James Ellison - Yamaha Tech 3 1'58.98 -(62 laps)
8. Olivier Jacque – Kawasaki Racing 1.59.4 -(46v)

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OJ talks to MotoGP.com

Oliver Jacque is one of the many riders taking part in this week´s Qatar Test, undertaking his first session of 2006 as a test rider for Kawasaki Racing.

In an exclusive interview with motogp.com, Jacque revealed that one of the priorities for the test was work with the Bridgestone tyres, which the Kawasaki riders had problems with at last year´s Qatar Grand Prix. The Frenchman is riding the newest version of the 990cc Ninja ZX-RR at the Losail Circuit.

“The tests are going well. We´ve had good conditions for it. There´s not much heat but the track is warm enough” explained Jacque.

Official riders Shinya Nakano and Randy de Puniet are taking a few days off inbetween the recent Phillip Island Test and next week´s sessions in Malaysia.
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