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Capirossi takes victory ahead of Pedrosa in Jerez
MotoGP 26/03/06

A frantic first corner incident saw Valentino Rossi slide off the
track in a messy front and back collision whilst the two Ducati
riders, ahead of Nicky Hayden, maintained their front two
positions. Sete Gibernau’s good fortune wasn’t to last, as he
appeared to receive a knock from the American which took him
out on lap 3.

Dani Pedrosa moved up in front of his team-mate with a daring
manoeuvre in front of the home crowd early on, then pushed
the Honda RC211V to try and close the gap on Capirossi.
Randy de Puniet saw his race come to an early conclusion,
clasping his right hand which had been injured this morning on
the way from the box.

Whilst Capirossi and Pedrosa stretched out in front, Hayden and
Melandri followed, with the Italian’s team-mate Toni Elias
lapping well before catching up and passing his more
experienced companion.

By lap seventeen Pedrosa was well and truly on the back of
Capirossi, unshakeable despite the Ducati rider’s fast lap times.
The big question was going to be whether the young rookie had
the endurance to not only pass the Italian but maintain the lead
for any extended period. Pedrosa tried to dive inside at the end
of the next lap, but was held off at the corner.

On lap 24 Capirossi’s experience was beginning to tell. The
Ducati man pulled away from his young challenger, putting
nearly nine hundredths of a second between the top two. Lap
by lap the gap increased in large increments, Pedrosa seeming
to ease off due to fatigue. Three seconds ahead at the finish
line, on passing the chequered flag there was a difference of
over three seconds.

A last second move on the home straight by Toni Elias was
unsuccessful, leaving the top six standing as Capirossi, Pedrosa,
Hayden, Elias, Melandri and Stoner.

Rossi failed to break back into the top ten, which was completed
by Shinya Nakano, Kenny Roberts Jr, John Hopkins and Makoto Tamada.

Source: MotoGP

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Quotes of the day from MotoGP top three

Quotes of the day from MotoGP top three
MotoGP 26/03/06

Loris Capirossi
I was surprised to see Nicky and Dani coming up behind me, I
tried to extend the gap and I think the fact that we prepared
really well in the test here showed through, we have the perfect
bike and the perfect tyre for the job I hope it is the start of
many more victories.

Dani Pedrosa
I think I was lucky not to get involved in the first crash, and
then seeing Gibernau go off let me make up the places. I had to
regain places after a bad start, then I had a few problems with
the front tyre. Anyway, it’s the first race, the team and Michelin
have done really well and there are still 16 races to go. I think
we will get better. I’m really happy with this second place.

Nicky Hayden
We were missing that little bit of speed. Two weeks ago I didn’t
have a chance and we’ve made a lot pf progress here. Its a
distant third but I’ll take it and run with it. It’s been the first of
sixteen races, so lets see where we go from here.

Source: MotoGP

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MotoGP post-race reactions

MotoGP post-race reactions
MotoGP 26/03/06

Casey Stoner - LCR Honda 6th: `I honestly didnt' expect this
after missing nine days of testing so I'm very happy with this
result and the support from the LCR team, they have done a
great job this weekend. I made a great start and with the mix
up at utrn one with Rossi crashing I was able to get away with
the leading group´.

Shinya Nakano - Kawasaki Racing 7th: `After such a good
qualifying session I'm disappointed that I didn't finish higher
today. I got a reasonable start, but then Toni Elias collided with
Valentino Rossi right in front of me, forcing me to back off. I
tried to come back straight away, but conditions on track were
very different compared to yesterday. There seemed to be less
grip available and that caused me a few problems, as did the
strong wind through some of the turns´.

Valentino Rossi - Camel Yamaha 14th: `We knew this was
going to be a difficult race but maybe not so difficult! I saw Toni
come up on the inside and he hit me; this is racing and these
things happen. I have known Toni for many years and he is a
good rider. He apologised to me after the race so I told him not
to worry – only to remember to brake next time and if it is too
late then to hit another bike instead of me! Anyway I came back
on the track and had a nice battle with Alex Hofmann. I am
disappointed because I wanted to win the first race of the
season but there is nothing we can do now. Only work hard to
make sure we don’t have these problems again and look
forward to the next race in Qatar´.

Sete Gibernau - Ducati Marlboro DNF: `I've no words really,
we've all been working so hard over the last few months but
we're leaving the first race with no result. It's a real pity,
everything had been going so well. My congratulations to Loris
and Bridgestone for a fantastic win, now we look forward to the next race in Qatar in two weeks time'.

Source: MotoGP

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Kawasaki still need more power for the drag off the start line, he was overtaken by a few bikes before the 1st corner but otherwise Shinya kept with the pace reasonably well. Respectable result.

KR Jr did well for the 1st time out on the bike, likewise Pedrosa & Stoner.

Plus the rest of the field has a head start over Rossi.
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