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Test at Autopolis, Japan


Text from link:

Hayden Rides Kawasaki MotoGP Bike
by dean adams
Saturday, July 07, 2007

Yo dog, where's that shocker now?
Kawasaki Superbike rider Roger Lee Hayden spent two days in Japan earlier this week where he was given the opportunity to ride the 800cc MotoGP bike.

Hayden traveled to Japan specifically for a test on the Kawasaki machine. He was scheduled to ride the bike for two days but the test was cut to one day after it rained on the first day.

"It was amazing," Hayden said last night from his home in Kentucky. "I am still of the generation that when we think of GP or MotoGP bikes you think of a machine that is overpoweringly powerful. This was just the opposite. The bike is smaller than my 600 and such a nimble machine, a very controlled jet."

Hayden said that perhaps the most impressive part of the MotoGP machine was the Kawasaki's very advanced traction control and electronics package.

The test took part at the Autopolis circuit in Japan and Japanese test rider Akira Yanagawa also attended the test.

Previously Hayden had a brief test on the Kawasaki 990 MotoGP bike last year at Valencia. He wrote about that experience in his 'Soup column.
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