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Hopkins is Top Gun for commercial
News, 11/02/06

Although it may not look like it, the figure in the photo accompanying this piece is rider John Hopkins, taking a “spin” in a jet for a promotional video for energy drink Red Bull.

Hopkins was joined in the cockpit by another American rider, Freestyle star Travis Pastrana. Both had the chance to fly with Kirby Chambliss, five time World Champion in the world of aeroplane acrobatics. Even with his MotoGP experience, it would be hard to imagine Hopkins not being just a little anxious, as you can judge for yourself from the photo.

The young Suzuki MotoGP rider has just completed a few days of testing in Qatar. Paul Denning´s outfit will join up with a wealth of teams next Tuesday for the Malaysia Test, a final rehearsal of sorts before the Official Catalunya Test.

Source: MotoGP
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