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First steps taken towards MotoGP feature film, “Velocity”

At the Gran Premio d’Italia Alice, the public at large will see the first phase of a new MotoGP feature film project, “Velocity”. When Kenny Roberts Jr. takes to the track tomorrow morning, his KR211V will sport a brand new sponsor, Venture Petroleum, however the sponsor is fictitious and is all part of the new movie script.

It is just a first stage of filming of “Velocity”, the first dramatic feature movie to be granted permission to use MotoGP as its backdrop. With the backing of MotoGP commercial rights-holders Dorna Sports, the film will feature real race footage from the 2006 season, with the aim being for the release date to occur in Spring 2007 after further filming at locations around the world.

“Velocity” is written and directed by award-winning former professional motorcycle racer and Hollywood stuntman Jeff Jensen, whose latest feature, “High Speed” starring Sienna Miller, has won “Best Dramatic Feature” at three film festivals.

Source: Dorna Communications press release
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