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heres the offical pricing and schedule. all prices are for gateway and putnam. heartland park will be off there price structure which was 125 a day last season. have not heard if there was any increases from the track as of yet.

April 21-22 Putnam w/Ducati of Indy
May 26-27 Gateway
June 16-17 Gateway
July 7-8 Heartland Park w/HPT trackday
Aug 4-5 Gateway
Sept 8-9 Putnam w/Ducati of Indy
Sept 29-30 Heartland Park w/HPT trackday
Oct 13-14 Gateway

EARLY REGISTRATION $135 1-day, $245 2-day
2 WKS PRIOR $165 1-day, $275 2-day
DAY OF EVENT $175 1-day, $305 2-day
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