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Hey all, before anyone reads this let me say this. I did this project on a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50, so no... its not a Ninja, or even a sportbike. But i figured yall would enjoy it anyways.

Mods if this should be in Mechanical please move it. I put it in general because its not Kawi specific.

I am still unsure why the engine blew up on me, but it did. I was riding along at about 75mph and all of a sudden it sounded like a bucket of bolts was getting slammed around inside my engine. I immediately pulled over and towed it home. After taking it to three shops, I decided it would be cheaper to buy a rebuilt engine and change it myself, instead of paying a shop to rebuild my busted one. So thats exactly what I did. I had never done anything like this before and I feel very accomplished now that it is complete. I also had about $1800 sunk into this project so I was going to be very mad if something went wrong. I've been riding it for about a week and its running better than ever. Now what you have all been waiting for... PICTURES

Day one, Ready for the teardown

Tank and seat off

Growing parts pile

Intake off

Throttle Body

Bigger parts pile

Frame split

Motor Out

Old Motor

New Motor


Generator cover and gears i had to swap between motors

All Washed Waxed And ready to go!

This Build brought to you by Kobalt Tools
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