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Is your low oil pressure warning light coming on when you turn on your ignition? Are you sure? You might want to make a note to check it next time before you hit that starter button.

I changed my oil and filter like I always do at the end of the season before my final ride and winter storage. Went to fire it up to check for oil pressure and no light. WTF? :headscratch
I pulled the lead off the pressure switch and grounded it. Light comes on nice and bright. I just replaced that damn pressure switch 10 years ago? Pull it off and bench test it. It's bad. :rant
Checked my parts stash and I have a couple NOS switches. :smile
I wonder how long the light has been out? Oh well....it's fixed now for another 10 years hopefully.

Lesson learned? Make a habit of checking the "idiot" lights regularly.

So you're sure your light works? :headscratch
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