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I am restoring my grandpa's 1974 KZ400 and I am having a hard time finding tires for it. The original spec calls for Yokohama 3.25S-18 4PR in front and 3.50S-18 4PR in the back. I would really like to stay as close to original as I can.

I have tried bike bandit, JC Whitney, motorsport, cheapcycleparts, Ron Ayers, Dennis Kirk, motorcycle superstore, Coker, etc etc.

There is a seller on eBay located in England that has Dunlop tires listed in the correct size. But according to the Dunlop website they do not make tires this size.

I can find 18" tires that are 4" or wider. And I can find the correct width in a 19" tire.

Any suggestions on where I can find what I'm looking for?
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