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Hey Guys,
Im looking for some specific info on converting my swingarm to a zx-10.

Now this being said Im not going to use an actual zx-10 swingarm.
Im looking for the exact years of zx-10 arms that will work on the 96-03 7's
And I also need to know what exactly needs to be changed out to make it work.

The reason for the exact stuff i need is that im going to a 240 rear tire.
And I can purchase the swingarm for a zx-10 way cheaper than I can have one fabricated for my 7.

Im also looking for info on converting to zx-10 forks. I.E which triple tree can be used that will retain the stock location of the ignition ?
Ive seen several threads where guys have used different brands of bikes but mostly all is them making it work but sacrificing the locking ability.

Im wanting the forks changed out so that I can have rim options as well as braking upgrades. Im already running a gps unit for speedo operations so Im not worrying about the odometer issues.

Thanks Again for any help.

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Amazing when nobody can ever find that page, then I post it and suddenly everyone has the page bookmarked lol...

Hardest part about the swingarm swap is getting spacers made. The rest is just about money.
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