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Question the First
Has anybody tried polishing the exposed areas of the frame? I have done quite a bit of polishing over the years, and have found that some aluminum comes right up and lasts that way for ages, and some aluminum dulls really quickly. I guess it's an alloy problem. Anybody have experience with the '14 to share?

Question the second
I was going to chrome my clutch cover, and front sprocket cover (yea, I'm a chrome whore). My usual place says they are magnesium, and wants muchas dinero to do them. A different shop has given me a MUCH lower price. Are they magnesium? I would have thought that mag would be way too difficult to use cheaply on a part that big. Ideas?
Has anybody bought one of those Chinese clutch case covers?
Has anybody bought a Chinese see through cover?
Ideas would be nice.

Thanks guys - I may look like an old ugly piece of crap, but I like my bikes to look kewl (sorta balances out LMAO) :rotflmao
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