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Like written above, I'm looking for a complete engine from a ZX-11D or maybe from a ZZ-R1200. However, this type of engine is pretty hard to find in Quebec so I need to widen my field of search. I am also looking in the USA (E-Bay and 3~4 more motorcycle forums where I'm a regular member) but because of heavy canadian taxes and custom fees, I would prefer to find in Canada.

My preference would be for a ZX-11 engine in perfect working order, with low kms being a plus but I could consider others. If you have such an engine, knows someone that have one or know a place where there is one or have any suggestions of where I could call/e-mail to ask, please let me know. Thanks you very much!! Regards,


NOTE: If it can help me, I don't need starter, alternator, carbs, airbox or ignition
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