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i know this is an old thread, but i was just talking to a guy at RMC today who said that the rev limiter on the new R6 kicks in hard at 16200rpm. according to him thats what the dial will read when the limiter kicks in.

with all the hype about yamaha not reaching claimed redline, i thoughtfully took my '05 636 out for a reading. the 636's rev limiter will kick in between 15.5krpm and 16krpm. that is just under the over-endorsed 599cc--remember that smaller engines, aside from making less torque, are able to spin faster because of lighter internals. the 636 makes more torque and hp, will rev just a few hundred rpm less than the r6, and is a slightly older bike.

when i had my '05 zx6rr, i wish i would have tested the rev limiter, because it being only 599cc, and being designed to spin faster, has a redline of 16.5krpm, which means the hard rev limiter doesn't kick in untill 17k or so, if we follow my 636's behavior.

maybe kawasaki should have adopted yamaha's advertising campain after yamaha was forced to abandon it...
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